Immediate Feedback

See request details in real time as they’re serviced in the backend. Inspect the executions relevant to the page you’re on.

Proactive performance tuning

Always-on. Get notified of issues before you’re even aware of them.

Made for development

Continuously view and analyze performance data without breaking your development workflow. Code and fine-tune simultaneously.

Microservices and Single Page Apps


We care about the end-to-end experience.
Inspect distributed Java apps in a single view – even if you have a split frontend and backend.

Microservices support Single Page Apps support

Peer into request executions

Understand application performance

Get instant feedback on time spent for each individual request.

Zoom into application layers

A focused hierarchical view helps you to make sense of the application structure and which layers are involved in the execution.

Identify slowest methods

You can locate the most time consuming methods within each request.

Explore JDBC and NoSQL IO

Identify excessive database calls

Find methods that initiate too many queries. Locate the root cause with a hierarchical view and connect SQL queries to the call stack.

Get insight into NoSQL

Monitor MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase and Neo4j queries with a view of the call stack

Understand JPA usage

Get visibility into how JPA queries are related to JDBC invocations

Find web service bottlenecks

Get a detailed overview of the executed HTTP invocations

Inspect web service calls for REST, SOAP, XML-RPC and even plain old HttpURLConnection

Detect slow HTTP calls

Get notified when an application has slow HTTP requests, based on configurable thresholds

Effortless debug logging

Find relevant info without digging

Only logs emitted during requests are displayed with the context for better readability and comprehension

Object tree support

Logged objects are displayed as an expandable object tree. Works with arrays, collections and maps

Scalable log aggregation

Logs for each request are displayed separately

Track down hidden exceptions

Uncover hidden exceptions

Use the exceptions view that reverses Java stacktraces to find buried exceptions. Easily determine the severity of the issue.

Find the root cause of an exception

Be directed to the source of exceptions occurring anywhere from bad IO to outside of the application context.

Supported Browsers

Ecosystem Support

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