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Reload code changes instantly

JRebel fast tracks Java application development by skipping the time consuming build and redeploy steps in the development process. JRebel makes developers more productive since they can view code changes in real time.

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Real time insight, faster apps.

XRebel provides developers with real time insight into application performance, enabling them to understand and resolve performance issues early on, during initial development.

Optimize your apps

Catch performance regressions in testing

XRebel Hub catches performance issues before they affect your users. Java agents monitor CI, test and staging environments and flag slow requests for team review. Code and logic changes that caused the regression are highlighted.

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Instantly update code and resources

Develop your Android applications in real time. The changes you make are automatically applied to your running application. Works with real devices and emulators alike.

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Jetpack for Eclipse

Optimizer for Eclipse finds and fixes configuration issues in your Eclipse installation. Download the free plugin that scans your environment and suggests optimizations that really speed up your development experience. Enjoy coding in Eclipse again!

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Tune IntelliJ IDEA for ultimate performance

Get the most out of IntelliJ IDEA. Speed up startup, code editor and build times.

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NetworkedAssets used JRebel to improve their sprint velocity by 40%.

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