Real Time Insight, Faster Apps.

Use real time performance insights to understand and resolve potential issues faster and earlier, during the development phase. Master your business applications to reduce rework, minimize technical debt, and improve end-user experience.

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Performance metrics at your fingertips.

The in-browser widget is injected into your front-end out-of-the-box. It gives you quick access to digestible data so you can hit the ground running even if you’re not a performance expert.

Laser-focused results.

Databases and inefficient code are the most likely areas for performance issues and don’t require load to reproduce. XRebel gives you alerts on these particular issues so you get tackle the lowest hanging fruit without bogging down your workflow.


Built for everybody.

Useful for experts and junior developers alike.

Bottom-up views.

Method-level drilldowns for pinpointing performance issues.

Rapid feedback.

Continuous performance tuning for better code quality.


Follow requests through different threads, applications and JVMs.

Key features

Application profiling

Application profiling

Track the time spent on each request. Find slow methods and make them run faster.

Messages and jobs

Monitor messages and background jobs. Fix resource hogs.

Database and NoSQL

Get insight into database activity. Spot methods that query too much.


Discover hidden exceptions. Follow the stack trace and fix the problems.
Web services

Web services and RMI

Get a detailed overview of invocations executed. Detect slow calls.


Find relevant info without digging. View only the logs emitted during requests.

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2 Set up
Extract the archive. Add the xrebel.jar to your server startup (using -javaagent).
2 Run
Launch your web application. Find the XRebel toolbar in the bottom left corner of the browser.