Catch performance regressions in testing

XRebel Hub collects performance metrics using Java agents in test environments. Slow requests and excessive IO are flagged for review. Complete information is available to find the root cause.

Measure performance with your existing tests

XRebel Hub runs on continuous integration (CI), test and staging environments. Use your existing manual and automated tests to collect metrics. No configuration. Not a single line of new code needed.

Relevant and timely alerts

Severe regressions and poor performance from new functionality trigger daily notifications. Review the morning report, discuss it at the daily stand-up and resolve issues before going live.

One place for all your performance issues

Real-time overview of performance changes for all components gathered in a single dashboard. Review the problems, assign tasks and share root cause information within your team. Work together to fix showstoppers.

Full profiling data to solve issues immediately

Analyze complete stack traces, hotspots and all database queries. Inspect web service and REST API calls. Find hidden exceptions and N+1 problems. All the information you need to fix discovered issues.

Under the hood

End-to-end transactions

Follow transactions starting from a web request, through different threads, machines, applications and JVMs.

Application profiling

Track the time spent on each request and every method. Find slow ones and make them run faster.


Discover hidden exceptions. Follow the stack trace to get rid of them.

Relational databases and NoSQL

Dig into database activity. Spot methods that query too much.

Messages and jobs

Track messages and background jobs. Fix resource hogs.

Web services and RMI

Get a detailed overview of invocations executed. Detect slow calls.

Try XRebel Hub for free for 15 days

XRebel Hub is designed to find code-related performance issues early in the process and through out the application lifecycle, including continuous integration and testing cycles. Catch regressions well before your end users are affected.