ZeroTurnaround License Server

Centralized license management. All your ZeroTurnaround licenses in one place. Advanced monitoring and user rights management. Free to download. Supports JRebel, JRebel for Android and XRebel.

Download License Server 3.3.9

ZeroTurnaround License Server Quick Start

Installation Installing ZeroTurnaround License Server

  1. Download the latest ZeroTurnaround License Server.
  2. Extract the archive contents to a location with read and write permissions.
  3. Run the License Server!
    Windows: $ bin\license-server run
    Mac OS and Linux: $ ./bin/ run
  4. Open http://localhost:9000.
  5. Next → Activation

Did this work?

Launch a web browser and open http://localhost:9000 to check. If the startup was a success, you will be greeted by the ZeroTurnaround License Server activation form.

Other options

Use startup parameters to configure the License Server default port and context path: -Dhttp.port=9000 -Dapplication.context=/license

You can also configure the License Server to start automatically at system startup:

Activation Activating and creating an administrator account

  1. The Product Activation form is shown automatically at first run.
  2. Fill out the form and press Activate.
  3. Create your first administrator account!
  4. Next → Upload licenses

Offline activation

Press the Offline activation button to enter existing license key. This is useful when your License Server device does not have a public network connection. You can generate the license key on this page.

Did this work?

Once the License Server has been successfully activated, you will be automatically logged in and see the default dashboard view.

Upload licenses Adding licenses to the License Server

  1. Open Licenses > Add new license.
  2. Press Select file and browse to the license file(s) your were sent by email.
  3. Press Upload to add the licenses to the License Server.
  4. Next → Create teams

Good to know

The batch license file will be sent to the email address you specified in the purchase order.

Did this work?

When the license upload was successful, you will see the the total number of available seats displayed in the top right hand corner of the License Server.

Create a team Managing teams

  1. Open Teams > Add team.
  2. Specify the team details and press Create.
  3. Next → Share licenses

Share licenses Share licenses with your developers

  1. Open Teams and find your existing team.
  2. Copy the team URL that is displayed below your created team title.
  3. Forward this team URL to your developers.

Good to know

You can also share licenses via email. Press the Send to Users button in the Actions column for your created team. Enter any email addresses and press Send.

Your developers will receive an email detailing the License Server team URL and instructions for activation.

Client activation

Your developers will need to activate their products using the License Server team URL and their personal email address. Please forward your developers to the relevant product guide for license activation instructions:

Stuck? Here is the complete License Server Manual