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JRebel for Android Quick Start

Android Studio Quick Start

Install Installing the JRebel for Android plugin

  1. Access Settings (Preferences on Mac OS). Select Plugins.
  2. Press Browse Repositories.
  3. Find JRebel for Android. Press Install plugin.
  4. Next → Activate

Did this work?

If the installation was a success, your IDE will demand a restart.

Didn't work?

The JRebel for Android plugin can also be downloaded as a ZIP archive from https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/7936.

Once downloaded, open Plugins and press Install plugin from disk. Browse to the downloaded file and follow the prompts.

Activate Getting a license

  1. The activation dialog pops up automatically.
  2. Fill out the form.
  3. Press Activate JRebel for Android.
  4. Next → Run

Did this work?

JRebel for Android will notify you when the activation succeeds.

Didn't work?

You can also open the activation dialog from Tools > JRebel for Android > Activate.

Run Running your app with JRebel for Android

  1. Open Run > jrebel-ide-icon Run with JRebel for Android to launch your application with JRebel for Android.
  2. Next → Make a change!

Did this work?

  • Once JRebel for Android has successfully launched and is running, the following message is displayed in JRebel console:
    Application started and ready for use.
  • Your application has successfully launched on the device or emulator.

Didn't work?

Configuration failed? Send us feedback. Open Tools > JRebel for Android and select Send feedback.

Make a change! Experiencing live Android development

  1. Make a change to your project code or resources.
  2. Save and trigger building via Run > jrebel-ide-icon Apply changes.
  3. Take a look at your device or emulator!
  4. Next → Send feedback

Send feedback Telling us your story

  1. Open Tools > JRebel for Android. Select Send feedback.
  2. Write a comment about your experience.
  3. Press Send.

You can also review any logs that are attached to the feedback.

Remember, your feedback shapes the future of JRebel for Android.

Plugin logs

Where are the logs kept? The log file location is displayed in the console at JRebel for Android launch.
For example: Logs are kept in: /Users/username/.jrebel-android/logs/project/debug
We’d love to hear from you, give us your feedback at android@zeroturnaround.com