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ZeroTurnaround’s first DevOps Days – London 2013

London was rainy and cold, but inside the Mary Ward House, there was heat billowing from 200 devs and operations folks eager to hear about new processes and tools. It got even warmer when we started giving away free JRebel trial licences, Guinness beer and our famous bloody t-shirts!

We talked to Devs and Ops guys working with Java, as well as .NET, PHP, Python and Perl folks, and as the conference wasn’t language-specific and we introduced LiveRebel to them.

It was interesting to hear how many people had subtly different visions as to what DevOps really is and given this is the 1% of techies driving the DevOps movement, it would be really interesting to hear what the other 99% think.

We gave some demos of our new release of LiveRebel 2.6, showing how it can be used beyond Java applications to manage releases of scripting languages, while still bundling code, config and database changes as one unit.

We also announced that the best tweet about our St Patrick’s Day campaign wins a bottle of good old Jameson.

This conference was great and we enjoyed the “small community” feel. Looking forward to DevOpsDays Paris already!

If you attended DevOps Days London, or plan to attend DevOps Days Paris, Austin or Mountain View this year, please leave a comment below and let us know. See you there!