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ZeroTurnaround wins Estonian Innovator of the Year Award

Wow – we won again!!

ZeroTurnaround received the honor of being recognized as the Estonian Innovator of the Year award for 2011. It is heart-warming to be recognized in the country the product is developed.

Each year, Enterprise Estonia, the Estonian Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Estonian Employers’ Confederation give out awards for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. IT is definitely an important industry sector in Estonia, and also very competitive areas in today’s market. We are happy to have competed so well among other innovative Estonian firms, and thrilled to have received the award.

Our thanks goes to the jury for the prize and our best regards to the other nominees! Congratulations to Martin Koppel, on the left of Jevgeni in the photo, and Fortumo for winning the main prize, Entrepreneurship Award 2011!

It’s been quite a year – just a few months again, we received a JAX Innovation Award for JRebel, which was named “Most Innovative Java Technology” or 2011. In 2009, we got a Jolt Productivity Award. What could possibly be coming next?

Innovation is in our blood ;)!

Here you can see the clips of other nominees and the award ceremony (In Estonian).