Imagine a bacon-wrapped Ferrari. Still not better than our free technical reports.

ZeroTurnaround unveils RebelLabs: IT Research & Content for the World(s)

Well, it’s finally happened. Over 6 months after releasing our popular and well-reviewed Developer Productivity Report, something we considered to be a new approach for us at ZeroTurnaround, we bring you the official launch of RebelLabs, a new knowledge brand from the company that was clever enough to hack the JVM back in 2007 to bring you JRebel.

RebelLabs creates a singularity, pulling together all the creative-intellectual forces of the ZeroTurnaround team’s reports, surveys, guides, how-tos, webinars, videos and, of course, the ZT Blog, into a single location, with a single login. No more repeated registrations for the next dozen reports. RebelLabs is your IT silo. I’m sold, take me to RebelLabs now!

RebelLabs: Educate, Challenge, Entertain

As a research & content division, RebelLabs is tasked with educating, challenging and, to a degree, entertaining the software community at large.

From topics ranging from Classloaders and Scala to Continuous Delivery and favored Jenkins plugins, RebelLabs is here to deliver you beautifully-designed reports in the form of technical deep-dives, surveys, how-tos/guides, interviews, reviews and more. Oh, and it’s free to sign up, of course.

“Dude, why the heck are you launching a content division after you already released six technical reports in 2012?” my mother asked me.

It’s true: not many content divisions already have a growing collection of IT- and Java-based reports designed for both development and operations communities before they even officially launch. The truth is that we had to see the results of our labor before building up a team, allocating resources and creating a budget (and the goals needed to EARN that budget!)

ZeroTurnaround is an organically-grown commercial Java technology company, not open source, not VC-funded and not staffed by gazillionaires. So although we are growing quickly and continue to build popular products the likes of which don’t exist in the market, we can’t justify new brands or teams without being able to apply the business metrics to all activities we do.

Free, Beautifully-Designed Technical Reports

Which is why we ask you to sign up for RebelLabs. It’s free, and takes about as long as it takes you to sign up for anything else. As if you aren’t doing that for everything else in your life! N.B. If you are already a ZeroTurnaround forum member, then your RebelLabs membership is automatic and your username is the same.

We ask you for information too, like your company and phone number. I wrote a while ago why we ask you to sign up for our free products, reports, webinars and trials, so in the spirit of that, let me just rip the bandage off quickly here: there is a good chance you will get an email from us, or maybe even a call

It’s possible you’ll find that a friendly, 5-min phone call with a member of the JRebel team is totally uncool: in this case, just say “please put me on the do-not-call list” in this case. Simple. But honestly, as I gaze at my screen in this room alone, maybe a little strange human interaction might do us all some good! ;-)

We Want to Grow!

One more thing: the RebelLabs team is small and we’re looking for more Java experts who want to use their expertise to share with others. While we are considering part-time, remote Content Producers, I’m dying to get some awesome people to join our team in Prague, Czech Republic (my home) full-time. If you haven’t heard, Prague is a city filled with history, architecture, beauty, beer and startups. And I think being nude in public is legal too. Not sure. Anyway, you get the point.

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