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ZeroTurnaround takes a quick look back on Q4 2011

For our readers, customers and fans that didn’t receive this information via email, here is ZeroTurnaround GeekNews for Q4 2011. Feel free to Join the Rebellion.

Quick note: Estonia’s biggest Java conference, GeekOut 2012, has been planned for June 14-15th, and the first speakers to give talked there have been announced. If you have never been to Tallinn and want to see why it’s one of the best cities in Europe, come for a visit!

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The most-read articles and posts of Q4…with a cherry on top

  1. Java Productivity Report: India vs. Rest of World
  2. JRebel vs. OSGi: Use the right tool for the right job
  3. JRebel 101: What JRebel is and how it makes Java development lightning fast
  4. Part 1 of the Java Reloading Classes series (5 parts in total)
  5. Smelly Communication: How the Suits should assign tasks to Geeks

Cheers to an excellent 2012!

The ZeroTurnaround Team