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ZeroTurnaround spends third year at EclipseCon Boston 2013

For the 3rd year, ZeroTurnaround sponsored EclipseCon, this time in our home area of Boston, USA. We saw probably about 350 people, though more had registered. This was seemingly less than last year.

Although many friends of ZeroTurnaround & EclipseCon regulars were there, such as Sarah Goff-Dupont (Atlassian), Tim Berglund (Github), Max Andersen (JBoss) and our new friend Sven Efftinge (who contributed to our JVM research on Xtend), it appeared as though people who had attended previous EclipseCon’s were not there to support the event again this year. Maybe that was just my impression.

Being in Boston, we also met with analysts and writers from IDC, Forrester Research and The Server Side, in order to speak about our recent acquisition of Danish software company Javeleon, and to discuss how ZeroTurnaround’s latest introduction of IT research & content think tank  RebelLabs, while currently small, has the potential to take out IDC, Forrester, Google, Amazon, Nasa and the Sun itself in the future. Ok, well maybe not ;)

For any EclipseCon attendees that didn’t get to take part in our JRebel campaign to win a trip to Ireland (it ended March 31), contact to get an extended JRebel trial license and in-person “hello” from one of our Boston team. Have a productive day!