Imagine a bacon-wrapped Ferrari. Still not better than our free technical reports.

ZeroTurnaround Q2 GeekNews – JRebel, LiveRebel, Continuous Delivery and Beer

It’s time for another issue of ZeroTurnaround GeekNews. This update covers all the cookies and cream from April to June of 2012. See what you missed!

JRebel News

“JRebel works so well you don’t even notice it’s there…but you definitely notice when it’s not. Nailed it!” – Jeremy, Marketing Director

  • We launched myJRebel, a new platform that makes managing JRebel licenses easier. Currently supporting Scala, OSS and JRebel Social licenses (more soon!)…try out myJRebel

LiveRebel News

“LiveRebel is simple – you roll it out, then roll it right back again” – Aaron, Account Executive

  • Atlassian and ZeroTurnaround got together and launched a LiveRebel-Bamboo plugin…at one point described it like a Ferrari wrapped in bacon.

Stats, Data, Knowledge and Power

“I can do, like, 13 cartwheels. Maybe 14.” – Toomas, Director of Engineering

  • Top Story Developer Productivity Report 2012: 30+ pages of tools, tech, interviews and hacking the developer mind – if you didn’t see our largest research project to date then…well…I’m pretty sure you’ll like it :-) Download now
  • Our fearless leader Jevgeni wrote an article called “Hack Yourself to Prevent Procrastination and Information Overload” about managing yourself, and your work, under constant duress…read the piece that made me turn off email notifications from my phone (temporarily!)
  • How to use Jenkins for Job Chaining and Visualizations: Jenkins and LiveRebel have been getting along quite well for some time, so we prepared a quick how-to…read more

Special news:
GeekOut – the Java Tech Conference by Geeks

We held GeekOut 2012 in Tallinn, Estonia, June 14-15 and it rocked. Here are some quick stats comparing this year with last year:

2012 2011
Attendees 256 132
Speakers 11 6
Days / Tracks 2 / 2 1 / 1
Sponsors 8 1
Food and Beer More now ;-) A lot then
Tracks 2 1

Doubling in size in almost every aspect since 2011 is no easy task – but we’re gonna try to do the same thing next year, plus keep on the lookout for GeekOut 2013 to maybe even to show up in other countries too…. ;-)

That’s all the ZT GeekNews that’s fit to print…talk to you next quarter, if not earlier!

  • Dmitry Sotnikov (Jelastic)

    It was indeed a great quarter for ZeroTurnaround. Keep up the great work!

  • Oliver White

    Thanks Dmitry! Hope things are going well at Jelastic as well :-)