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ZeroTurnaround Launches RebelLabs, New Java Research and Content Organization

ZeroTurnaround’s RebelLabs to Offer Free, Objective Technical Resources that Will Educate, Challenge and Entertain the Java Community

rebellabs ZeroTurnaround, the company that’s changing the way the world develops, tests and runs Java applications, today announced the launch of RebelLabs – a new research and content organization that will offer free, vendor-neutral technical resources for the Java community. The new organization, made up of ZeroTurnaround’s ‘brain trust’, was formed to educate and challenge Java developers with well-designed technical guides, how-tos, in-depth research and analysis, expert Q&A’s and more.

“Our Developer Productivity Report 2012 was a huge achievement for us and was quoted by Oracle, Red Hat and VMWare. From this came the idea for RebelLabs – a good way for us to organize our “finger on the pulse” of the Java industry and stay ahead of the curve with our own technology.”
– Oliver White, head of RebelLabs

The output produced by RebelLabs is intended to be applicable to any IT professional who touches Java. From CEOs looking to get a high-level perspective on a particular type of technology, to front-line developers that need to see the code behind it all, RebelLabs will offer the appropriate perspective and insight for the intended audience.

“The RebelLabs team is a dynamic collection of experienced developers, speakers and writers. Thankfully, they are all much smarter than I am, and many of you in the industry will recognize their names. Our reports drill down into the tools, technologies, strategies and best practices that challenge the way we see Java today, and bring to light the things we must consider over the next 10 years.”
– Oliver White, head of RebelLabs

Prior to the official launch of RebelLabs, the team had already published six reports (approximately 30 pages each), touching on subjects ranging from implementing Continuous Delivery in your organization using tools available on the market today, to discussing the best ways to utilize Scala in a Java organization with Scala founder Martin Odersky, to technical deep dives into Java classloaders and bytecode.

“Technology is constantly changing. We want to challenge the status quo by creating discussion and offering our perspective on the topics that matter most to the IT community – not only what is most important to ZeroTurnaround and its customers. As a technology neutral company, RebelLabs intends to provide the industry with helpful, objective content for professionals who want to learn, debate and grow.”
– evgeni Kabanov, founder and CEO of ZeroTurnaround

Professionals interested in RebelLabs can gain access to intelligence immediately by visiting: For more information about ZeroTurnaround, please visit or follow ZeroTurnaround on Twitter at @jrebel.

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