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ZeroTurnaround GeekNews: JRebel Social, LiveRebel 1.1, the India vs Rest of World Report, and more

Get your inner geek prepared – here comes ZeroTurnaround news for Q3.

We got such a positive response from our last newsletter, that it seems cool to share widely the last several months at ZeroTurnaround.

What’s happening with JRebel? Is there anything new with LiveRebel? What about the latest reports, publications, blog posts and meanderings? Well, set your face to stun, because you won’t see anything like this for at least 3 months ;-)

JRebel News – Puttin’ the hurt on Builds & Redeploys

LiveRebel News – Scratching your Continuous Deployment itch

Stats, Data, Knowledge and Power – Top 5 ranked articles in Q3

  1. Java Productivity Report 2011 – India vs. Rest of World
  2. Free version of JRebel released with JRebel 4.5
  3. Play! Framework Un-features That Really Irk My Inner Geek
  4. My Top 5 Play! Framework Features
  5. Celebrate the Programmers’ Day with ZeroTurnaround

Oh, and congrats to our CTO, Jevgeni, who had his first child. She is a little future coder named Ruby (Java was copyrighted). Pictures to come to various tabloids in Estonia soon ;-)