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ZeroTurnaround amazes Dev/Ops crowd at Red Hat Summit

This year’s Red Hat Summit / JBoss World conference ended with a bang (and bellies full of beer and snacks) – plus, this week is light on technical blog content, so just suck it up and see some photos.

As always, ZeroTurnaround was there offering free software licenses of LiveRebel and JRebel, showing demos, and generally geeking out with anyone who showed up to see our Java foo.

I spent some time hanging out with Lincoln Baxter III on the JBoss Forge project, briefly saw the Arquillian project’s Dan Allen (I’m chasing you down at JAX next week man!) on the JBoss Arquillian project, and discussed how JRebel and Red Hat’s OpenShift project could work together to bring Cloud-joy to thousands of users. Photo evidence to follow….see some of you next week in San Francisco at the JAX Conference?

JUDCon 2012 featured JRebel Product Lead Anton Arhipov and double last year’s attendence too

JRebel and LiveRebel settle into their customary booth positions – on every surface possible

Marketing Manager Oliver White delicately disposes of a pretzel roll

Java engineer Oleg Selajev demonstrates LiveRebel

Red Hat Summit organizers interview ZeroTurnaround for sexy sound bites

Red Hat Senior Engineer Lincoln Baxter III sucked into ZeroTurnaround’s orbit – beer was possibly involved