Imagine a bacon-wrapped Ferrari. Still not better than our free technical reports.

What exactly happened at Jfokus 2011?

Events are typically a blur for most exhibitors – which is why having photo evidence is especially useful (or damning) for after the fact. Jfokus had over 1000 attendees this year, and we gave free licenses of JRebel to a lot of them.

Recognize any of these suave gentlemen below?

Dave (left): "Two coffees please" - Oliver (right): "Yeah, I'll have two as well"

Let the flood begin!

Mattias is the man in red and he has all the drink tickets!

Messrs Arun Gupta and Jeff Genender - two Java globetrotters!

Jeff seeing the world through Tom's glasses

Mr. Martin Odersky, Scala Sage, David, and David's phone :-)

Bruno Souza, our favorite "Javaman", David and David's phone (what's with these candid pics anyway?)

Tom, 2.5 seconds after finding out that Duck Boat tours are cancelled during winter

Thanks for tuning into “The Rebellion”!
Look out for more pictures from EclipseCon 2011 – the next event where ZeroTurnaround will show up and cause a JRebel scene. Don’t say you weren’t warned!