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JRebel: Simpler Licensing & Greater Flexibility for Our Users

Six Years and Counting

ZeroTurnaround has spent more than 6 years helping Java developers be more productive. Irrespective of who or where they are, or what projects they work on, JRebel has helped more than 35,000 developers eliminate redeploys in Java, so that they can see the impact of their code changes instantaneously. With constant feedback they write better code faster. Peace.

But why stop there? Devs love simplicity and we love devs. So, we’re going to simplify getting and using JRebel even further!

One JRebel to Rule them All

Starting January 2, 2014 we’re going to offer just one JRebel with all the bells and whistles, at one simple price. Further, you get to choose how to set it up for your dev team. Licenses can be:

  • dedicated, where each license is assigned to a particular person.
  • floating, where licenses can be shared by a team. You can upload your license file to our freely available license server, from where your developers pull down licenses when needed. It’s just like borrowing a book from the library.

That’s right. Simple and flexible.

When Can You Get It?

If you are new to JRebel, you can get it right away. There is no reason to wait. Get yourself JRebel Enterprise licenses and we’ll migrate you over to the new licensing model on Jan 2, 2014 at no extra cost.


If you are an existing JRebel user, please update JRebel to the latest version. Then see what this means to you, based on your current license type.


Got Questions?

Call us at 1-857-221-9930 by phone, or email us at We’re here to help!

  • Gianni

    “Simple and flexible.”… but $100 more expensive for small-scale users.

  • Mr. Proper

    I hope 100 bucks is because you have integrated Javaleon stuff and are confident to 100% of reload (now it is about 75% of time)

  • DD

    JRebel 6.0 will indeed have support for class hierarchy changes and other fancy stuff.

  • While it may be easier for ZeroTurnaround to have a single licensing option, for individuals who like to travel with a set of tools, like me, this is _expensive_.

    I’ve a number of development tools I take to new positions with me, some I’ve owned for more than a decade. JRebel would be nearly twice as expensive as the most valued one I currently own. I wish you’d consider an individual license again.