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Rebelcast Episode 12 – Configuration Management with Chef

Tom likes to cook, and if that’s not a big enough reason to discuss Chef and configuration management, then I don’t know what is.

After our previous Rebelcast Episode 10 on Vagrant, it makes sense to follow up with a discussion on configuration management servers (we also mention Ansible & Puppet), and why it’s valuable to keep for infrastructure automated and up to date.

Jevgeni describes how we use Chef at ZeroTurnaround extensively to manage our complex test environment. Our Jenkins cluster has 20 servers, 150 executors, SSDs with 16GB of RAM and they are all provisioned by Chef recipes (scripts). To do any of this manually would be ridiculously long and tedious.

Tom gives an example when Chef recipes would have saved him time and served his own purposes well, and mentions that our you can get a LiveRebel recipe from Chef Cookbooks, which will download, extract, configure, open the correct ports and BOOM: LiveRebel for you.

If you want to know more about doing awesome virutalization and configuration management with Vagrant and Chef, check out RebelLabs’ Report Pragmatic DevOps: Virutalization and Provisioning with Vagrant and Chef.

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