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Looking back at 2015 and Happy 2016!

Another year is coming to its logical conclusion and we’re extremely happy to welcome the upcoming 2016. New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to look back at RebelLabs achievements from the year and make plans for the future.
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2015 was a great year, we worked hard on creating the best technical, yet opinionated content for you. So not only would you learn something or refresh the knowledge about Java, but also get a chance to look at technology from a different point of view or solidify your opinions with more arguments.

Hopefully we did a great job and you learn a thing or two and enjoyed reading us.

Here are some numbers about 2015 to entertain your love for statistics:

  • 4 wonderful insightful reports
  • 57 technical blogposts
  • 25 interviews with Virtual JUG speakers
  • 16 authors

Anyway, in this post I want to thank all readers who contributed to RebelLabs, who enjoyed our posts, downloaded the reports, shared their thoughts in the discussions, ran code samples, gave feedback and participated in sharing the content all over the internet. We create content for you, but we learn so much in the process! Thank you!

I also want to sincerely thank you, RebelLabs authors. At RebelLabs we have massive, massive appreciation for your hard work and your ideas for the blog posts that we try exploring. Without you, people, who worked at creating the content, who shared their knowledge and opinions with us, RebelLabs wouldn’t be the same! I’m happy that we had the chance to work together and that your words got their way to the readers’ screens and hopefully inspired them to try new technology or to understand some ideas better.

Here’s a list of external authors who we had a chance to work with, chat with them on Twitter, they will love your feedback!

The list above features people who contributed to RebelLabs, but are not working for ZeroTurnaround. People at ZeroTurnaround, you know that we wouldn’t be able to maintain RebelLabs without your support, contribution, feedback, tireless typo-catching efforts and brainstorming the topics to write about. Thank you!

Simon! There are no words to describe how much your help means to RebelLabs and to me. It’s a rare gift to work with you and I’m extremely happy for the chance to steer RebelLabs together with you into the shiny future!


Anyway, one of the pieces of content we’re extremely happy about is our most important report of the year 2015, the Developer Productivity Report: Java Performance Survey Results.

What causes Java performance issues

This year we focused on the performance of Java code and the tools that help us make our programs compute things faster. We’ve run a survey about performance for weeks among all Java developers we could reach and then analyzed the data we gathered. In this report you can find answers to questions like:

  • How do teams do their performance analysis and testing?
  • How long does it take to verify that there are no performance regressions?
  • Who monitors and cares about the performance of your production deployments?
  • What are the most common performance issues that haunt Java projects?

Another thing we started in 2015 was interviews with the Virtual JUG speakers. We started the year with the session by James Gosling and it was just the beginning. During the year, Virtual JUG had an amazing run and we interviewed every speaker who presented on it about software engineering, Java and the JVM, Java community, tools to use and so on. That was an amazing experience to have friendly chats with some of the smartest people in the world.

Behind this link you’ll find a list of Virtual JUG session recaps, with the interviews inside! Watch them, they are super educational!


I want to wish you all happy 2016! Stay calm and positive, don’t rush to judge other people and technology that you haven’t had a chance to understand well, help others and keep building great things! Java community is extremely large and we have our differences, but together we keep the best platform for software projects and one of the most advanced virtual machines alive.

In 2016 we will continue working on the insightful content, we’ll explore more topics for the cheat sheets, like this Java 8 Best Practices one, and will look at different frameworks and libraries that any Java developer should benefit from knowing more about.

Stay tuned and until then read books, read blogs, create great software, write amazing documentation, and, of course, happy coding!

Oleg Shelajev,
Head of RebelLabs

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