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LiveRebel 1.1 Command Line Interface: Beautifully improved, and plays by the rules

As the ZeroTurnaround team continues to grow and travel around, it’s good to take a critical look back at past efforts and work towards improvement. In the spirit of the protractedly-titled session at the Web 2.0 Expo in New York by Microsoft, “What happens when you stop listening to your customers? The Hotmail team will tell you what happens – and how to get back on track”, we decided to turn a reality-TV-show’s merciless eye on LiveRebel 1.0 in celebration of the release of LiveRebel 1.1, and here is what we found…

One of the biggest shortcomings with the LiveRebel CLI that we saw in our initial LiveRebel 1.0 release was that we diverted a bit from the main guidelinces of CLI tooling. We did not take advantage of return codes, didn’t output parseable text and were not very consistent with the commands.

In the LiveRebel 1.1 release we have reworked the interface to be simpler, more straightforward and easier to script. It features several main improvements:

  • Conventional use of error codes
  • A separate command for every action
  • Computer parseable output

To better understand the changes take a look at the difference between the old and new implementation of upload-and-update-script. For a complete overview just follow our CLI Reference.

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