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Live Webinar: Predictable Application Updates with Jevgeni Kabanov

What if you could automate and track every commit that you check into the trunk?

Learn how Continuous Delivery can enable you to create a reliable and transparent process that can predictably deploy your updates throughout your environment up to production, at our webinar Predictable Application Updates.

At this informative webinar you will:

  • See a real example of Continuous Delivery in action, not in theory.
  • Discover how to use 4 pillars of Continuous Delivery (Automate, Record, Test and Recover) in your own organization.
  • Learn how to implement a predictable and risk free deployment pipeline with tools currently available on the market.
  • Predictable Application Updates will be presented by Jevgeni Kabanov, founder and CEO of ZeroTurnaround. Jevgeni is a foremost expert on Continuous Delivery and has been speaking at international conferences for over 5 years, including JavaPolis/Devoxx, JavaZone, JAOO, QCon, TSSJS, and JFokus. He has published numerous papers on topics ranging from category theoretical notions to typesafe Java DSLs.

    Predictable Application Updates is being held Thursday, August 16th from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm EDT (i.e. Boston/New York time zone). Register now to save your seat as this event will fill up quickly!