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Last chance to win a trip to CERN/NASA

Only 1 spot left available for CERN, NASA or CES!

Try JRebel and Win a FREE Trip

We’re now approaching the end of our third month of the Developer Bucket List campaign which gives away a trip to CERN, NASA or CES each month! You can still win if you enter before 15th September 2013! All applicable entrants need to do is go to and download a JRebel trial! That’s it! Plus, you’ll also get to use a tool which has saved developers 8,370,000 hours (or about 955 developer years) by eliminating approximately 162,000,000 Java application server restarts (redeploys).

So far, our lucky winners have both chosen to go to the CERN lab. We wanted to know more, so in true RebelLabs style, asked questions and got answers! We managed to get an interview with Rolf Landua, a research physicist working at the CERN labs, in Switzerland. Check out the interview above, and notice the cool backdrop ;-)

Here is our first chat with Rolf: