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JRebel price goes up. Now takes 10 hours to pay for itself.

Over the last year and a bit, JRebel has seen a lot of additions.  We’ve added support for EJBs and Google App Engine and nearly every container you can think of and reduced overhead to an un-noticeable level and turned JRebel into an Eclipse Plugin and now support over 35 frameworks and much much more, but one thing we haven’t changed in a long, long time is the price – since version 3.0 in fact. So, when we release version 4.5 on September 20th, JRebel’s prices are going up.  Here’s what they’ll look like:

JRebel Personal: $130 / user license per year
* Same as JRebel Base, but for individuals, students, and non-profit organizations

JRebel Base: $265 / user license per year
* Previously titled JRebel Standard, this version is for most small- or medium-sized teams. It supports all major IDEs, containers, application servers, and over 35 frameworks. The support for Java 1.4 and older containers, previously only found in the Enterprise Add-On, will be available to everyone with the 4.5 release.

JRebel Enterprise: $365 / floating license per year
* This is the version of JRebel suitable for most enterprises. It starts with JRebel Base, then adds a License Server for Centralized Management and Reporting. Plus, multiple people can use the same license across an enterprise, as long as they’re not using it at the exact same time.

Premium Support Add-On: +$50 / license per year
* Only available for orders over 10 licenses, we’ll provide your organization with “Getting Started” and “Advanced JRebel Usage” webinars for your team, using the same technology you have in your environment.  Any support cases you have will receive priority treatment, and we’ll ensure 1-hour response times during business hours.

This means that if you’re considering using JRebel Enterprise across your department, and are currently spending close to the average amount of time redeploying (Spoiler: it’s nearly 18% of coding time), then JRebel will:

  1. save you over 50 minutes per day,
  2. cost $1 per day, and
  3. save you from redeploy madness.

If you’re considering JRebel for yourself or your small team, then it’s actually under a buck a day.

Of course, that means that JRebel Enterprise now needs to save ~10 hours of your life in order for your boss to see ROI on that purchasing budget. Given the reports we’ve been hearing from customers, that’s about 2 hours more than before, and should still happen in under 2 weeks.

All of our customers can resubscribe at current pricing until the middle of September, when we release JRebel 4.5. If you’d like to lock in current pricing, you can re-subscribe in advance, for up to 2 years. To do this, contact

“It not only takes me at least 2 minutes to redeploy, but it adds another 5 minutes to get back in the zone and I still have to bring the application back to the state where I was developing. This alone is at least 10 minutes lost for a minor change. JRebel deserves every single cent of its selling price.” – Bogdan Mustiata, Java EE Developer, QualySoft

“JRebel has transformed a nightmarish 10-minute modify, compile and debug cycle to a matter of seconds. Thanks for giving me back my sanity.” – Joel Rosi-Schwartz, Middleware Java Developer, IG Group

“Every java dev should have a copy of #jrebel installed. Buy it yourself if your workplace is cheap. It’s soo worth it.” From Twitter: @willvuong