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JRebel Featurecast: How to configure JRebel for multi-module Maven projects

JRebel can be easily configured for virtually any project setup. Maven projects are very common and there is even a JRebel plugin for Maven that generates the rebel.xml configuration files automatically and places it into the correct locations. Here’s a short 2 minutes screencast on how to configure JRebel for a multi-module Maven project. Enjoy!

  • miragemiko

    I want to touch this topic over the caseStudy I’m doing with Simon M. This application is kind of really small. JRebel rocks -> really helpful tool !

  • arhan

    Thanks Mirek!

    Yes, the app is small in order to demonstrate the concept. Of course, with the larger apps there might be some extra requirements, like excluding some modules from monitoring, or configuring some extra paths with include/exclude patterns, or how to workaround maven overlays (ARGH!) if you use them :)

  • miragemiko

    yeap, little more work but result is: “it just works !” (not copyright ;-) ) which is amazing and so helpful :)

  • Jaran Nilsen

    Quick and efficient! Got our multimodule project up and running with JRebel in just a few minutes with this guide. Thanks, Anton!

  • arhan

    Enjoy :)

  • Pratik Shah

    I am getting error such as “Invalid ‘dir’ defined in class path of rebel.xml (jar:file:C:/Users/Pratik/.m2/repository/com/…)”
    Please help. I can help you to buy tea on next meeting :P

  • arhan

    The path in rebel.xml is incorrect. Check your rebel.xml file please. Did you generate it with maven plugin?