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JRebel 4.6 released, JRebel for Vaadin announced

We’re happy to announce the release of JRebel 4.6 (also available on the Eclipse Marketplace), and that ZeroTurnaround has joined forces with Vaadin Ltd, makers of the Vaadin open-source framework for building rich internet applications.

Download or Upgrade to JRebel 4.6 now!

JRebel for Vaadin Pro

From left: Joonas Lehtinen (Vaadin's CEO), Toomas Romer (ZT's Director of Engineering), Anton Arhipov (ZT's JRebel Product Lead), Sami Kaksonen (Vaadin's VP of Commerical Products) celebrate the announcement

With this latest release, Vaadin Pro account subscribers can receive direct access to JRebel 4.6 for developing great-looking applications without needing to redeploy in order to see code changes. For more details on JRebel for Vaadin, visit the Vaadin site.

Introducing – JRebel Remoting

Another big thing with JRebel 4.6 is the introduction of JRebel Remoting (beta). A lot of Java Rebels have been asking us when will be they be able to remotely use JRebel to instantly reload classes without restarting.

With JRebel Remoting, developers can use JRebel on remote machines, meaning that code is written on one machine and all classes are reloaded (i.e. when you add a new feature or fix a bug) to a remote server. It doesn’t matter if the server is sitting under the developer’s table in the same LAN or in the Amazon EC2 cloud – all those setups are supported and with minimal configuration. You can find the usage guide for JRebel Remoting at a dedicated page:

New stuff with Spring, Glassfish and more

Other big updates coming with JRebel 4.6 (you can check out all the updates in the JRebel Changelog):

  • Support for new features in Spring 3.1 (e.g. annotation-based configuration)
  • Better support for CDI on Glassfish 3.1.x
  • Improvements for supporting GWT, Jersey, MyFaces
  • Added support for Glassfish 3.1.2 and Jackson 1.9.5

Don’t forget to upgrade here:

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  • Oleg Aleshko

    Great news!
    Congratulations on teaming up with Vaadin guys.