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JRebel 4.5.2 Released

JRebel 4.5.2 was released last week. Some more improvements to the awesome piece of software has been made! So, what’s new?

First of all, users asked for JRuby support at our forum, so we had to add the integration specifically for the reported problem. If you have intention to make use of the feature, make sure that you enable the dedicated plugin by adding -Drebel.jruby_plugin=true to JVM arguments.

Guice 3 has been released some time ago and we had to make sure that our integration is up to date for that.

Support for WebSphere 8 application server has been added. Unfortunately, EJB integration for WebSphere 8 isn’t up to date yet. It doesn’t mean you cannot use JRebel with EJBs on WebSphere 8, it is just that you cannot add EJBs on the fly. Other than that, you can develop applications the same way as with any other application container that JRebel supports.

Apache CXF plugin, that was added in version 4.5.1, has been greatly improved. Now it covers the features for JAX-WS part and also the features for JAX-RS part have been ported to support CXF 2.1.2

One important note is that we have removed the TCat specific profiles from the distribution – those previously located in extras directory of JRebel installation. The thing is that JRebel download artifact has become a little to big and reached the size of 20Mb. So with the removal of TCat profiles the size is down to 13Mb and JRebel can be installed for TCat without the profiles quite easily, as for any other container – no harm is caused for the existing TCat users. But if you really need to use the profiles – those can be extracted from JRebel 4.5.1 ZIP distribution.

Once again, a number of neat features released and the package is available for download. Changelog is available here.