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JRebel 4.5.1 Released

This week, JRebel 4.5.1 was released! Although it was a minor release, you can still spot quite a lot of interesting improvements. The new features are in beta stage and would love to get the feedback from users to polish the even more. This time we have payed attention to JAX-RS – the new plugins for Jersey and Apache CXF were added to the distribution and tested on an enormous number of containers, including JBoss, WebLogic, Tomcat, Resin and many others. We have tested and improved our integration for EJB 3.1 Lite on Glassfish 3. JRebel integrations were updated to support the recent versions of containers, e.g. Virgo 3 and Resin 4.0.23. And there’s also a number of fixes included – check out the changelog!

Now JRebel team is working on more awesome stuff to come with the next updates, stay tuned!