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JavaRebel used to develop LinkedIn

Since we started selling JavaRebel we had quite a few high-profile customers and quite a few large sales. However this is one of the first that combines the two.

LinkedIn, Corp. has purchased JavaRebel licenses for all its Java engineers to use in the well-known social networking website development. The website, written almost exclusively in Java, can now be updated on-the-fly in development, boosting the LinkedIn engineer productivity. We asked LinkedIn to comment and got the following reply from one of the engineers:

I’ve been using JavaRebel regularly for some time now and it’s done a lot to help developer productivity. Because of our unique situation with build/deploy times I can easily say that I’ve saved many hours spent needlessly waiting for a an app to deploy. It’s great for bug fixing or anytime when you may need to make several consecutive tweaks to the code.

That being said JavaRebel is no silver bullet and can start to act wonky sometimes (while making normal compatible changes). I’m not sure what the causes are but at times it seems like JavaRebel gets out of sync with the built classes. Developers need to keep in mind that that there are limits to what kind of changes can be made and there are times when you may need to redeploy your app and or restart your app container.

Overall I’d highly recommend it to anyone where deploy/redeploy to app containers is part of their workflow.

About LinkedIn:
LinkedIn takes your personal business network online, giving you access to people, jobs and opportunities like never before. Built upon trusted connections and relationships, LinkedIn has established the world’s largest and most powerful business network. Currently, more than 23 million professionals are on LinkedIn, representing all five hundred of the Fortune 500 companies, as well as a wide range of household names in technology, financial services, media, consumer packaged goods, entertainment, fashion, and numerous other industries.