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JavaRebel 1.0.3 and 1.1-M1b Released

Thanks to an influx of users that we have gotten lately we have found and fixed a number of issues in JavaRebel. The following fixes went into both stable and development releases:

  • JBoss support has been greatly improved, side-by-side SAR deployments are now supported
  • GlassFish no longer crashes because of missing LogManager
  • Fixed AbstractMethodError occuring in some cases
  • Final fields now appear as final also through Reflection API

The following fix was considered more dangerous and went only to development release:

  • Fixed a JavaRebel failure on a virtual and static method with same names and similar parameters.

We suggest to users of JBoss and GlassFish that had trouble before to try using the new release. Special thanks goes to Jürgen Denzel, who helped us identify and fix most of the issues.

We are working on 1.1-M2 that should be released next week, but since a lot of you use the 1.1-M1 release we decided to refresh that one as well.