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Java & JVM Conquer the World

Introduction to establishing JVM superiority over other virtual machines

Most people talk about Java the Language, and this may sound odd coming from me, but I could hardly care less. At the core of the Java ecosystem is the JVM.

– James Gosling, Creator of the Java Programming Language (2011, TheServerSide)

Twenty years of Java

For many programmers, Java holds a special place in their heart. It may not be the most hip language today, but it has stood the test of time as the enterprise programming platform of choice for two decades. There are many things that Java developers take for granted. This special report is dedicated to paying tribute to the top 10 reasons why Java is still considered the best programming language after 20 years.

Java & JVM conquer  the world report TIOBE Programming  Community Index

2015 is another glorious year for Java as it casually sits at the top of many programming language charts. Take a look at the TIOBE Index, where Java is situated comfortably at the second position — despite all the “Java is dead” voices. Redmonk programming languages rating, IEEE Spectrum Top 10 Programming languages list and various other ratings put Java on the top of their charts. We have an enormous and vibrant community, an established open source process with many initiatives to evolve the language and the JVM platform even further; lots of things are in favor of picking Java as the platform of choice for your current and next projects.

This year also marks the 20th anniversary of Java — a wonderful fact makes some of us feel older than we actually are. Indeed, the first public beta release of our favorite, statically typed JVM language and the virtual machine itself was in 1995. A lot has changed since then. Luckily applets are now an almost forgotten technology, the JVM has improved considerably,
it is now open and enjoys multiple implementations of the specification.

This report will explore the Top 10 reasons why we at RebelLabs believe that Java has become and will continue to be the leading platform for software projects. The Top 10 biggest things that we appreciate in Java and which we will cover in this report include:

High Performance JVM
Core API
Memory Model
Open Source
Intelligent IDEs
Profiling Tools
Backward Compatibility
Maturity with Innovation

While you may or may not agree on our choice of the Top 10 items, we hope that this report increases your appreciation for Java. We would like to look beyond the surface and the buzzwords and analyze what actually makes Java the platform of choice for so many. We will also investigate which design trade-offs resulted in this popularity and what features could we appreciate more instead of taking them for granted.


  • Nuno Brito

    About time to see some love and appreciation for Java.