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Happy SysAdmin Day! Up Close And Personal With Our Heroes

What’s SysAdmin Day?

In case you haven’t heard, July 26 is SysAdmin Day! This is the day when we express our appreciation and thanks to the awesome IT folk who manage our apps in production, keep the lights on, and ensure that every day is business as usual – something we take for granted!

Business as usual – easier said than done

Your apps, IT systems, email and internet connectivity do not simply just work. It is the hard work of very resilient folk – SysAdmins – that ensure that every thing is up and running when you need them. They are constantly monitoring, maintaining and improving systems to make sure that you can get stuff done. They even slave through midnight shifts and weekends to make sure that critical tasks do not impact your day-to-day schedules.

Devs – What SysAdmins want from you

K.I.S.S. – not the emotionally charged action that emits a smacking sound, nor the band. But the acronym for “Keep is simple silly!” SysAdmins do not appreciate complications in your release when it can be avoided.

So if you’ve developed an absolutely special means to get XYZ done that is a nightmare to deploy and maintain in production, think twice before you consider releasing it. Just like how making AJAX calls over dial-up is a terrible idea! Document processes and write scripts where possible to automate them.

Moving on …

Alright – enough of my ramble and let’s hear it from our SysAdmin rockstars at ZT – Juri H. and Andrus! Jevgeni Kabanov, our CEO and founder spent a few with them as they told us what make them tick, keep them up at night, while they shared their fav tools and their plans for SysAdmin day.

Thanks for the LiveRebel shout out guys. Juri H. and Juri T. use LiveRebel to automate app releases and keep them up to date. At ZT, we eat our own dog food and love it.

Spread the joy!

If you’re a SysAdmin, I tip my hat to your sir and say thank you. If not, take your buddy from IT Ops out for a beer;  we certainly are going to!