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[Guest Post] Programming at the speed of thought with JRebel

For most companies, a customer who does not openly complain about poor features or customer service can be considered a success. Indeed, when your toothpaste does its job correctly, do you write to Colgate congratulating them and wishing them well? No.

That’s why it’s so cool that Chris Wong, who writes a blog on Java software and Blackberry development, wrote a solid, very well-rounded review of JRebel called “Programming at the Speed of Thought”.

This is not a fluff piece written by a unwavering fan, but a fair overview of what JRebel is capable of, what (and why) it is not yet able to do, and his recommendation to development teams about using JRebel. From the article:

In my last blog post, I lamented the slow turnaround and overall heaviness of enterprise Java development. I also said that I would be checking out JRebel, a tool designed to let you make code changes and push them out to a running application without restarting the application. My verdict? I loved it, convinced my boss to buy it, and am an enthusiastic user. But it is not flawless, so adopters should keep expectations realistic.

Good stuff Chris, keep it coming!

Read Chris Wong’s review of JRebel