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Free JavaRebel for Scala users, ZeroTurnaround announces

About a year ago the ZeroTurnaround team decided to support the Scala community by providing a free license of JavaRebel to all Scala users. The licenses provided at that time have expired but we want to continue and improve our support.

Instead of a license that expires on a set date – you can get a license with your name on it that lasts a full year. After that, just re-apply and voila: you’ll have a new key in your inbox. Grab the license key here:

For Lift folks, the free Scala version of JavaRebel is already included in the Lift Installer – just pick up a license key to activate it.

BTW in JavaRebel 2.0.2 we fixed the issue with nested expressions that came up on the Scala/Lift forums recently, so everything should be reloading – faster than this guy.