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Early Access to LiveRebel 3.0: Automate Your Multi-App Releases

Enterprises have multiple, inter-connected applications that power day-to-day operations and fulfill customer engagement. As needs constantly evolve, developers, with agile practices, deliver updates even faster, while release and operations teams are tasked to roll them out to users just as quickly.

But … Applications are Complex

Even the simplest application is made up of multiple parts – a front-end, back-end and database module. Enterprise applications have many more.

With LiveRebel, you already can package up code, database scripts, configuration and static content into one validated and deployable deliverable. There is no need for release engineers to juggle multiple modules and scripts.

And … Deployment Processes are Complex

With different development teams building application modules, releases require careful coordination and thoughtful processes. Poor configuration or missing modules can lead to deployment failures causing outages, unhappy customers, expensive troubleshooting, and lost revenue.

New with 3.0: LiveRebel 3.0 can concurrently validate, deploy and test multiple applications, along with their database scripts and static content with one click. On the event of failure, LiveRebel will rollback the entire deployment to its previous state.

Try LiveRebel 3.0 Release Candidate

Release 90% faster and 3 times more frequently. Try LiveRebel 3.0 RC today!

  • create multi-app deployment plans that includes db, configuration and content
  • validate configurations prior to deploying applications
  • concurrently deploy multiple applications with no downtime
  • quickly recover from failure ensuring that customers are never impacted

Use these docs to get started.

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