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Devops: Nicest Crowd in IT Bridges Community Gap

ZeroTurnaround has been interested in Devops for some time now, but it was only recently that we started attending Devops conferences and getting to know the folks there better. Bossdude (David Booth) was at Devopsdays 2011 in Boston this past March with one of our top Rebellion wizards (Lauri). When he returned, he wrote two blog posts about it – introductory post Part 1 and the follow-up Part 2 post, which focused on gathering metrics when making improvement to devops processes.

This last Monday, Tom, ZT co-founder and chief engineer, came back from Devops Talks Back, held in London on July 25th. He was so pumped up from that single day that he wrote his own very positive blog post about what he saw at Devops in London and came into the office with such gusto that I considered offering him a muscle relaxer.

ZeroTurnaround makes JRebel and LiveRebel, two products that bring greater productivity and fun to Java development and operations. The Devops movement is highly interesting – as we see it, the Devops community is making strides to narrow the gap between development and operations and ZeroTurnaround would like to be more involved.

Can anyone suggest to a simple marketing droid a good way to make more friends in the Devops community? Please add your comments below!