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Complete this 3-minute Java Tools & Technology survey and we’ll donate cash to charity

For this year’s Java Tools n’ Tech Survey, we were able to do something special this year: for every *completed* survey, we will donate 50 cents (USD) to Child’s Play, a charity that provides entertainment/games to children in hospitals! Sweet deal, right? :-D

The survey is about the JVM based technologies and tools that you use and enjoy. It only takes about 3 minutes–this was verified by other developers. You can find it here: — it’s also embedded below, although this version is a bit less user-friendly. Try it for yourself!

It’s built on this cool platform called Typeform (try it on mobile, it rocks!) and it’s 25 questions total. It’s a small impact on your day, but it gives a lot back in that mushy, overly-generous way:

  • You’re relieving sick and pre-/post-op children with games and entertainment
  • You’re improving the understanding of tools & technology in the Java industry
  • You’re getting a huge ego boost for being so nice
  • …and did you recently lose weight? ;-)

The more people do this survey, the more we give, so it works best if you share it. Your contact info at the end is optional, btw.

Like I said, it works REALLY well on mobile devices (phone, tablet, phablet, tablone, etc.) so please spread the word that RebelLabs wants to know about your tool & tech preferences, and is willing to give to charity for hearing from you.

Spend 3 minutes and help kids: