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Blast Your App with Gatling [GeekOut 2013 video]

Stepháne Landelle is a madman who wants to blast your app with his open source stress tool project Gatling. Stéphane is the eBusiness Information CTO, a French Java EE consulting company and has been having fun playing with the Java ecosystem for 12 years, but Scala and Akka bring fun to a higher level.

Talk Abstract

Traffic grows, data grows, our applications have to withstand increasing loads, so load tests are more and more of a critical issue. Well… should be… Load testing is not always high priority in the managers’ mind, they are complex to build and to run, so one could be tempted to squeeze them. Don’t! This talk will cover the main issues of load testing and will focus on Gatling, a highly performant, asynchronous and code oriented stress tool written in Scala and built on top of Scala and Netty. More information about Gatling:

See the accompanying presentation on Slideshare.

What Stepháne had to say about GeekOut:

“GeekOut was my first time in Estonia. I was deeply impressed by the number of passionate, brilliant and friendly geeks out there. Amazing conference!”