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Blast off with JRebel for Android!

Meet JRebel for Android. This plugin drops build and installation time from minutes to mere seconds. Press Save and you will instantly see the changes on the device or an emulator. Today we are announcing the beta program for JRebel for Android.

Experience live Android development with JRebel for Android. Check out this video.

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JRebel for Android in a nutshell

JRebel for Android embodies a real time approach to application development. When creating layouts, you can see and adjust new views without the need for a build and install. Playing around with the order of screens becomes a snap. That’s a number of cycles saved right there. JRebel for Android is a lot more than your regular preview tool – it operates on the device and in real time. Stop running to your UX designer with a new build every 28 minutes. Adjust the user interface right there, based on the actual feedback.

The plugin also supports runtime changes to your Java code. This makes it a lot easier to change your business logic (or replace it completely). Fine tuning your customized views for best performance can also be a pain – any minor change would require you to rebuild and install the app again. But not anymore. Improving your data queries becomes a breeze. And when a bug does occur, it can be fixed on the fly. All this while JRebel for Android is running.

How does it work?

The JRebel for Android plugin integrates straight into your Android IDE. The plugin adds a new launch option. A tiny agent is bundled inside the application at launch. The agent’s task is to deploy changes. When a change is detected from the IDE, we send the updates to our agent running within the app. The agent then replaces the code, during runtime! And you will get a notification about the reload.

Get the free beta

Today we are confident enough to start sending out beta builds. We would love to get your feedback on stability, user experience and anything that makes you happy or mad. Join our beta program and have your say in the development of JRebel for Android!

Get free beta access

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