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Announcing Optimizer for IntelliJ IDEA – Tune Your IntelliJ for Ultimate Performance

Hello, Simon here – your friendly developer advocate and virtual friend.

Do you remember the Optimizer for Eclipse free tool we released earlier this year? Wow, that was really successful, and used by so many Eclipse users that it’s consistently a top 10 plugin! So, building on top of that success, we had to create a similar tool for IntelliJ IDEA! I am very excited to announce the release of Optimizer for IntelliJ IDEA. While IntelliJ IDEA isn’t as slow as Eclipse, there are certainly changes that can be made to the configuration which can improve the performance and tune the platform in general for a smoother overall usage.

Optimizer for IntelliJ IDEA

Optimizer for IntelliJ IDEA is a totally free IntelliJ plugin which tunes the IDE by detecting and fixing common configuration issues. Examples of the issues which can occur over time include:

  • Inefficient JVM settings
  • Slow class verification
  • Congested system caches
  • Unconfigured external build tools
  • Old JDK versions
  • Lengthy build and redeploy times

Optimizer for IntelliJ IDEA evaluates your environment by performing checks on each of these issues. You can then choose which items you wish to fix and allow the plugin to automatically speed up your environment. Oh and did we mention it’s free? Yeah, it is – totally free!

Have fun tune your IntelliJ IDEA for Ultimate Performance!

Simon and the Optimizer for IntelliJ IDEA team


  • janusz

    does it work with Android Studio? it seems that it’s not available for AS…

  • Simon Maple

    Hey Janusz,

    Not in version 1.0.0 but we plan to work on it for a future release. If you really want a performance improvement with Android development, be sure to check out JRebel for Android —

    Thanks — Simon

  • John

    Why am I required to register to use this plugin? It’s not free, it just leaves me with a bitter feeling that *I* am the product here. Don’t go there, ZT.

  • Brad Lane

    Unable to register. Says “Connection failed! please try again”. And no, I’m not using a proxy.

  • Johan Frick

    Could you please explain what “Slow class verification” means and if there are any drawbacks with using that optimization?

  • I’d love to use it but I *really* don’t think that you need my phone number for it. That’s pushing it, I think.

  • After you click the button above, it says “Class verification adds overhead to every class loaded by the VM. This is safe to disable for non-production software.”

  • Johan Frick

    And I assume that that means for the IDE VM and not that I am building software for production with the IDE?

  • Yes. Optimising your app for production is another topic.

  • n00bert

    does not work for me on linux and current intellij ultimate.

  • Johan Frick