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Be a BetaRebel – Join the JRebel 6.0 Beta Program!

It’s been more than a year since the last major JRebel update and a lot of minor releases were published during the period. There are a lot of things that we managed to improve – remoting, debugger integration, support for more frameworks, IDE plugins, etc.

We keep the JRebel team busy with more or less never-ending progress; now we’re working on a brand new version of JRebel and the beta release is imminent. Since it is a major release and there are a lot of new additions that we introduced to the product, we would like to invite volunteers to try out the new beta version on real-life Java projects. The first builds of the new version are expected to be available for download late August / early September.


Register here to become a JRebel Beta Tester!


With JRebel 6.0 we’re looking to improve the overall user experience with the new features and we definitely want to hear back from your experiences with the tool! Please donate your grey matter to making JRebel 6.0 the most advanced release of our popular redeploy killer yet. Feel free to contact us via the comments below or at @jrebel on Twitter.