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JRebel 4.0 M1 — HotSwap, Class$1, EJBs

Too excited about the release to read the post below? Download the JRebel 4.0M1 release now!

We’ve been working hard to bring you the mind-blowing features in the major version of JRebel. Take a look at the highlights:

  • Integration with HotSwap. Some time ago, in the Reloading Java Classes blog series Jevgeni described the difference of the approach taken by JRebel in regards to HotSwap. Now we want to bring the best of both! For you this will mean some improvements in performance now and major improvements in performance down the line as we take more advantage of this.
  • Support for anonymous class renaming. A common problem for apps that use a lot of anonymous classes is that when you add a new one, the rest get renamed and JRebel would bail due to extended superclass or implemented interface changes. JRebel is now clever enough that it can track such renames and cope with the reloads more gracefully.
  • Adding new EJB 3.х. The M1 version of JRebel 4.0 comes with the fresh integrations for JBoss (4.x/5.x) and Glassfish (2.x/3.x). Now you can add a new POJO to your application on the fly, annotate it with @Stateless or @Stateful, and inject it to the other managed bean. How cool is that!? The rest of containers will follow in M2.

Besides the main features there’s a list of improvements that cannot be neglected. Please take a look at the changelog for the full list of changes provided with the new version.

Ok, so you read it after all. Download the JRebel 4.0M1 release.

  • Arjan

    Really cool! Btw, will you also support JBoss AS 6?

  • Yes. Eventually, the support will be added. However, JBoss 7 might be even more attractive – checkout the startup times for JBoss 7 compared to the previous versions –
    Myself, I would be dying to migrate to the upcoming version.