Tune IntelliJ IDEA for Ultimate Performance

Optimizer helps you get the most out of IntelliJ IDEA. Speed up startup, code editor and builds.

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IntelliJ IDEA Performance Improvement Tips

Tune virtual
machine options

Increase memory size and switch to a server VM. Optimize your IDE for long-running, responsive experience.

Disable class

Class verification adds overhead to every class loaded by the VM. This is safe to disable for non-production software.

Clean up
system caches

Periodic cache cleanup makes sure the system is not slowed down by unnecessary indexes.

Configure external
build tools

Switch to external Maven or Gradle to significantly speed up importing and synchronizing projects, resolving dependencies and task execution.

Get the latest
Oracle JDK

Oracle JDK features peak performance and it improves with every release. Not using the latest Oracle JDK? You are missing out.

Skip build
and redeploy

Add JRebel to IntelliJ IDEA to reload code changes for a running application instantly. Reduce time spent on build, restart and redeploy.

Optimizer for IntelliJ IDEA can automatically tune all this for your IDE

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