Solve issues as you code.
Find bugs early.
Cheers to that!

Test continuously. Get insight.

Key Benefits

Improve quality

Get notified when the issue occurs and fix it proactively. Stop performance issues from reaching the user. Find bugs early.

Reduce rework

Commit performant code. Stop wasting time on finding issues in QA and production and fixing them later.

Understand performance

You don’t need to be an expert anymore to run a profiler. Everyone on your team can now understand performance like never before.

Get XRebel

Easy to setup. 100% Free.

XRebel is an interactive profiler that runs with your web app and displays alerts in your browser when it discovers issues. XRebel enables continuous testing as you code.

How our users are describing XRebel
XRebel is a fast and simple tool to help you improve performance by finding your mistakes and design flaws

Xrebel shows you every layer of your code execution as you do something on the screen. It even goes as deep as the SQL executed by your database layer.

All the profiling I’ve always wanted, and it’s magic.

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