Find, Diagnose, Fix

XRebel Hub catches harmful regressions during the testing and development stages. It monitors the team’s code changes during test runs and reports issues while there is still ample time to address them.

XRebel Hub makes it simple to find, diagnose and fix issues before they affect your end users.

Regression Detection

Automatically compares performance results between builds to show how code changes from the team are impacting performance.

Lossless Latency Profiling

Every single request from test runs is taken into account to provide an accurate picture of performance regressions and improvements occurring between releases.

Automatic Trace Differences

Compare full stacktraces against a baseline to find the root causes of slow requests, slow and excessive IO, and exceptions for any transaction.

Local Issue Reproduction

Compare your local code to saved baseline traces from the test server to easily reproduce issues from any environment.

Coming soon

Fix Validation

Validate the fix on your local machine before committing it to the code repo. No more waiting for the build-deploy-test cycle for feedback.

XRebel Hub Security

Application data on XRebel Hub is encrypted at rest with clear retention policies. All communications are over a secure HTTPS channel and industry standard security technologies are used.

Deliver resolutions to issues
that matter, faster.

for development

Verify that your code is meeting
the performance requirements with
real-time insight into application performance.

for test

See the performance implications of
your code changes sooner and better predict
how they will affect your business.

Resources for better performance management: