The APM for Development and Test

The Only APM for
Development and Test

XRebel APM shifts performance management to the left so that you can find issues before they reach your customers and diagnose root causes faster. Better APM.

The more issues you let into production, the more they cost to fix.

XRebel APM helps find, diagnose, and fix issues in your development and test environments. The XRebel Local component provides instant feedback to developers, while XRebel Hub helps test teams discover regressions over time.

Your entire team gets the benefits of catching and resolving issues in the phases of the Performance Pipeline where the cost of fixing issues is low.

XRebel Local for Development

feedback loop

Issues affect the Developer

Find and fix performance pitfalls in active

Get real time feedback as you code.

Fixing issues can take
minutes or hours.

XRebel Hub for Testing

per build

Issues affect the Testing Team

Catch performance regressions over time,
builds and versions.

Get to the root cause faster with full stacktraces and reports.

Finding the root cause and
fixing the issue can take
hours or days.

Traditional APMs

Feedback per
application version

Issues affect End Users

The source of the issue is determined.

Lots of research is needed to find the root cause.

Delivering a patch fix and
can take several weeks to

How we’re fixing the Performance Pipeline

Fast issue resolution

Tighten the feedback loop between issue detection and issue resolution, enabling software teams to deliver resolutions to issues faster.

Actionable reports

Data presentations cater to the needs of both high level and low level roles so teams can collaboratively accomplish both day-to-day and organizational goals.

Proactive performance management

Test performance in the traditionally neglected stages of the software delivery pipeline and avoid production fires from the start.

“With XRebel APM, we’ve seen a reduction in production issues. We find issues earlier and had these issues made it to production, it would have cost us a lot of money and downtime.”

Wade Robbins
Chief Solutions Officer, Cirrus Group LLC

Deliver resolutions to issues
that matter, faster.

With XRebel APM, you get:

for development

Verify that your code is meeting
the performance requirements with
real-time insight into application performance.

for test

See the performance implications of
your code changes sooner and better predict
how they will affect your business.

Resources for better performance management: