Our quickest methods to help you are listed below.


From the IDE

Using a JRebel IDE plugin? Do this:

  1. Open Help > JRebel.
  2. Select Submit a Support Ticket.
  3. Fill out the form and press Send.

This is the recommended method for reaching out to support. The IDE plugin will automatically attach product logs necessary for a quick resolution.

The support team will contact you via the email specified in the support ticket form.

Via email

Don’t have access to the JRebel IDE plugin? Contact technical support directly at

XRebel APM

XRebel Hub

Use the Feedback button in the XRebel Hub top menu to report issues or provide feedback.

Email support for XRebel APM at

XRebel Local

Use the Feedback button on XRebel Local toolbar to report issues or provide feedback.

We are known to read emails sent to