JRebel licensing

This document has been created to provide a brief overview of JRebel licensing information. The contents of this document do not have any legal effect. Please refer to the End User License Agreement (EULA) for licensing terms and conditions. Refer to the JRebel license type below for more details.

Managed license

JRebel managed licenses are the latest, multi-seat JRebel licenses. These licenses can be used only via the ZeroTurnaround License Server. After uploading the license file to the License Server, JRebel users can activate their JRebel clients by connecting to the License Server and acquiring a seat, which is then registered to their email address. Once registered, managed licenses should only be reallocated to somebody else when the original user leaves the company or project, and needs to be replaced by a different user.

JRebel managed licenses are available instead of JRebel floating licenses as of 1st of January, 2015.

Which License Server versions support managed licenses?

Managed licenses are supported by License Server 3.0.0 and newer. License Server 2.x does not support managed licenses.

Can managed licenses be used without a License Server?

No. Managed licenses cannot be used without the License Server. If you do not wish to use the License Server, you should use dedicated licenses instead of managed. If you cannot use the License Server, but have already received a managed license, you should contact your sales representative and ask to replace the managed license with multiple dedicated licenses.

Dedicated license

Dedicated licenses are each assigned to one specific person and are used locally from a license file (jrebel.lic). Dedicated licenses are best for teams who do not wish to install the ZeroTurnaround License Server.

Dedicated licenses are assigned to individual users from a web-based license management page. This page is made available upon purchase of JRebel. Once registered, dedicated licenses can only be reallocated to a different developer when the original user leaves the company, and needs to be replaced by a different user. The user can be changed only by contacting sales-operations@zeroturnaround.com.

Frequently asked questions

Which license types am I currently able to purchase?

From January 1, 2015, the available license types available managed and dedicated.

What should I do when my license expires?

When your license expires, you can renew it using the new license model at $475 per license per year. You can then choose to use it as a dedicated or a managed license. Please contact us by phone at 1-857-221-9900 or email at sales@zeroturnaround.com.

Which JRebel licenses can be uploaded to the ZeroTurnaround License Server?

From the currently sold licenses, License Server accepts managed licenses. From the older licenses that are no longer sold, License Server also supports floating licenses, and old enterprise licenses with a fixed validity period.

Evaluation licenses can also be uploaded to the License Server for team evaluation purposes.