JRebel Licensing

All the information related to JRebel licenses and how they are acquired.

How is JRebel licensed?

JRebel licenses are sold as an annual subscription, per developer. You will have access to all product updates and technical support during your subscription.

How are JRebel licenses delivered?

Licenses are delivered through our always-online system. You have control over who can use your licenses to activate JRebel. Lean more.

Can I use my license in multiple computers?

Licenses are issued per person, not per machine.

Feel free to use your dedicated license in all your machines, but do not share it with others. Using another person’s dedicated license is a violation of our EULA terms.

When you acquire your license, you can activate JRebel with your email address from multiple devices. We will take care of the rest. Using the same seat in multiple devices simultaneously is not allowed and is restricted.

What happens when my license expires?

When your license expires, you can renew it by contacting us by phone at 1-857-221-9929 or by email at sales@zeroturnaround.com. When renewed, your subscription will continue automatically. No license file redistribution or client reconfiguration is required.

Please note that licenses exported for offline use need to be re-exported following a renewal. Licenses exported for on-premise use need to be uploaded to your on-premise installation.

Can I use JRebel without an internet connection?

Sure you can. You can go offline with your license for up to 15 days at a time. In case you need to work offline for an extended period, you can export a license for offline use. An exported offline license does not require an internet connection to activate or use.

Please note that licenses exported for offline use cannot be reassigned, they do not report time savings to you and they need to be reactivated following a renewal.

Do you offer an on-premise solution for managing licenses?

Yes, we do. Learn more.

Where do I get an activation code?

You do not need an activation code to activate your JRebel commercial license. Activation codes are only generated for evaluations. Just activate JRebel with your team URL.

How do I reassign a seat when someone leaves my company?

You can block the user from your account and his seat will be freed up. That seat can then be used by someone else.

Do I need both a license file and a team URL?

No. You can activate with just the team URL.

Do you offer a floating or concurrent license model?


Questions? Send us an email at help@zeroturnaround.com.