JRebel for Android

Instantly update code and resources


JRebel for Android Free is the go-to tool for Android developers looking to improve their productivity. Instantly update code and resources and use the Debugger at the same time. JRebel for Android requires no configuration and plugs right into Android Studio or IntelliJ IDEA. Take a look at how JRebel for Android compares to Instant Run.

Instant code and resource updates

Picks up your application code changes and skips building a new APK for each edit. Any code or resources you change are transferred in incremental packages.

Maintains application state

Top-most activity is restarted for more than 12 change types, but the activity stack remains unchanged — like you would flip your device from portrait to landscape. Only changing the class hierarchy or AndroidManifest will require an app restart.

Debugger integration

Debug an application directly by using “Debug with JRebel for Android” to install the application or to attach it to a running process. You can continue updating the code and resources when debugger is attached to get instant insight into the application.


JRebel for Android supports applications with multidex configured to prevent you from hitting the magical 65536 method count limit.

JNI linking

You can use JRebel for Android with projects that use JNI linking for native code. When you want to update the native code, an application reinstall is required.

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More than Java

JRebel for Android works on a bytecode level. This way we can support all JVM languages while keeping ART and Dalvik compatibility. Write your apps with Gradle integration in any language: Kotlin, Scala, Groovy or Java.

JRebel for Android vs. Instant Run

Compare JRA Enterprise – JRA Free – Instant Run at a glance

JRebel for Android Enterprise header JRebel for Android Free header

Instant Run

Instant code and resource updates

yes yes yes

Preserves application runtime state

For 12 change types

For 12 change types

For 2 change types

Multidex support

yes yes yes

JNI linking support

yes yes yes

Debugger integration

yes yes yes

Language support for Kotlin, Scala, Groovy or Java

yes yes

Java only

Incremental Java compiler with annotation processor support


Number of annotation processor libraries integrated for incremental Java compiler




Email support


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