Instantly update code and resources

JRebel for Android is an Android Studio and IntelliJ IDE plug-in that accelerates the development of Android applications by eliminating the time consuming full build, install and run cycle, saving hours of developer time annually.

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Tired of waiting for your Android builds to finish?
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Instant feedback

JRebel for Android picks up changes to your application and skips building a new APK for each change. Code and resource changes are transferred in incremental packages. Saving you time and effort every day!


Maintains application state

Losing application state is one of the biggest time sinks when testing code changes. JRebel for Android recreates the top-most activity. This gets rid of the pain having to re-navigate through the application to reproduce the desired state.


Zero configuration

No project code modification required. JRebel for Android works out-of-the box with Android Studio, Gradle and IntelliJ IDEA — as well as emulators and devices. Simply install the IDE plugin from Jetbrains repositories and start using. There is no learning curve, it just works!

JRebel for Android Enterprise

JRebel for Android Enterprise enables developers to maintain development flow and tempo, and view the impact of functional and UI code changes in real time. Incorporating a unique incremental compiler, JRebel for Android Enterprise makes the performance of code and resource updating even quicker. Integrates seamlessly with leading Android development tools, including Android Studio, Gradle and IntelliJ as well as emulators and devices.

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Unique incremental Java compiler

Integration of custom annotation libraries

Incremental Android resources processing

Free edition

JRebel for Android Free is the go-to tool for Android developers looking to improve their productivity. Take advantage of proven and reliable code swapping technology. Instantly update code and resources and use the Debugger at the same time. JRebel for Android requires no configuration and plugs right into Android Studio or IntelliJ IDEA.

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Reliable code swapping technology

Debugger, JNI and multidex support

Extensive Android Version support