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ZeroTurnaround’s winter greetings: Write Gorgeous Code in 2012!

During the season of holidays, even the code-geeks lift their heads from the computer and ask themselves: what is it that I am doing and why am I doing it? At ZeroTurnaround, the answers came quickly when we had a all-hands-aboard team meeting in Estonia last week.

The answers were quick to come (hey, we need to get back to our code, not fool around and do nothing!), such as that ZeroTurnaround has a product that actually gives value and is needed by our customers (have you heard of JRebel?), that our team consists of intelligent people who take responsibility for their work, and on top of that we can still have tequila shots at work parties. There was something else that still is ringing in my head like a Christmas Carol, which is what Oleg from the LiveRebel team said: “When I look at Lauri’s or Rein’s written code, I think to myself that it’s a work of art!” All in all: We make art with passion in our office.

We hope that our passion for making Java fast and fun helps you write gorgeous code, and inspires you to turn your work into an piece of art. Have a wonderful holidays and a great New Year!